The Solar Genome Project

Photo Credit: JRS Brownson

The Solar Genome Project


The Solar Genome Project (SGP) is a solar non-profit registered in PA (501c3 pending), and functions as an applied extension of the Solar Ecology Program of research. Essentially, we will form an international knowledge platform.

  • Core motivation: There exists a global need for accessible, locally-based solar resource information to make decisions (O&M, controls, risk management, forecasting, planning, land use/agricultural strategies)

  • Enabling Tools: SGP Technology is available (devices and IT methods) to facilitate the distributed acquisition of local solar resource information (new and existing), as well as the analysis of that data for decision making processes. What is needed is a “knowledge broker” platform to exchange ideas from SGP programs, crowd sourcing knowledge and skill to make locally-based solar resource information a reality across the planet.

  • Outreach: A global information platform would enable the broad, viral exchange of practices and technologies among the network of solar partners (advanced experts, active practitioners, engaged students, and enthusiasts) among the Solar Genome Project. The information platform would convey the breadth of needs and sustain the Solar Genome Project mission over time.

Key Philosophy

  • Mission: The Solar Genome Project delivers open sourced solutions and strategies to measure and characterize the patterns of solar light as a rich resources found among the diverse localized contexts, or locales, across all regions about our planet. The work of the SGP includes quantifying the variability, uncertainty, and risk inherent in the solar resource for society and our supporting biomes; and to apply and deploy our solutions and strategies among the environs of agriculture, architecture, ecology, planning, and power systems development.

  • Vision: The Solar Genome Project seeks to grow society’s collective view of “solar” as pattern (the Solar Ecology Framework), extending our mission throughout the many unique places and localized processes where light has affected our supporting biomes and our cultures. The SGP aspires to design intergenerational solutions that will meet our challenges for food, energy, health, and water demands, while embracing diverse solar goods and services in the spaces that enrich our lives, our homes, and our communities. We will pursue and advocate for transformative methods and tools to measure light in society, demonstrating the value of light as a resource for adaptation and mitigation, and in turn advancing society’s story of solar into the future.


The Solar Genome Project is open to all.